About us
What are we about?

We believe in a free and open internet without borders, throttling, firewalls, government blocks and various restrictions. With VPNIFY, you are keeping yourself safe from censorship and surveillance.

VPNIFY started as a project of security enthusiasts in 2015. While living around the world in different countries and continents, we often ran into issues with censorship, especially in the eastern parts of the world.


We provide safety and privacy to millions of daily users worldwide for free and make sure that whatever you do online isn’t seen or surveilled by anyone, not even by us. Thus, we don’t keep any logs, if someone would have questions regarding your internet activities, we wouldn’t even know who you are or what you were doing.

What’s the goal?

Starting in 2019, we blazed through our roadmap, made technological advancements and made hundreds of servers available to our users.

But we are not done yet; our team is still expanding the infrastructure and making our anti-censorship system better.

In the spirit of commitment, we need to state that we are not
  • Affiliated to any big-data collecting agency
  • Selling your data to any big-data collecting agency
  • Affiliated to any government
  • Selling your data to any government

Nor have we received or could ever fulfil warrants, National Security letters or gag orders.

We are wholly devoted to our promises of keeping your privacy safe.